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Missed academic course work/absence from class and/or clinical placement:

1. McMaster Student Absence Form (MSAF)

The MSAF is a self-reporting tool you can access in the Student Centre area on Mosaic. You can use the MSAF to report an absence and receive relief for missed academic work if you can answer YES to ALL of the following criteria:

✔You have/will be absent for 3 days or less (the instructor may include the "due date" of your missed work as 1 absent day).

✔Your absence was due to medical or personal situation.

✔The course work you have missed is worth less than 25% (i.e. 1%-24%) of your grade.

✔You have NOT previously submitted an MSAF during the current term.

✔You are an undergraduate student (i.e. pursuing a Bachelor’s degree)

Students can use the MSAF once per term, for an absence of no more than 3 days, and for relief from academic work worth no more than 24% of your final grade. The MSAF cannot be used during any final examination period. Please see the Deferred Exam information below if you will be/have missed an exam during the final examination period due to medical or extenuating personal circumstances.

*Please note that the MSAF must be submitted on Mosaic within 3 days of the absence in order to be accepted.

When using the MSAF it is your responsibility to:

· Follow the MSAF instructions and critieria carefully and completely

· Ensure that your McMaster email account is set up to send and receive emails

· Ensure that the correct email address is used to notify instructor(s)/lead(s)

· Refer to the course outline to confirm the value of missed work is 24% or less

· Contact your instructor immediately (within 2 working days) to discuss possible consideration.

IMPORTANT – Any consideration that may be provided for missed work is at the decision and discretion of your instructor. Failure to follow the instructions outlined above may result in no consideration being given for missed academic work.

The MSAF form can be found in the Student Centre section of Mosaic -


If you experience technical difficulties accessing, completing, or submitting the MSAF form through Mosaic, please contact University Technology Services (UTS): //



2. Absences not covered by MSAF

If you are absent for more than 3 days, will miss academic work worth more than 25%, and/or have already used your MSAF once during the term you MUST contact the School of Nursing Academic Advising Office by email ( ) or in person (HSC 2J34) within 2 business days of the end of your absence. You will be required to complete a Petition for Special Consideration-Missed Academic Work form (see above) and may be required to provide supporting documentation. Please review the Petition for Special Consideration-Missed Academic Work form carefully.


Missed exam during the final exam period:

If you have/will miss an exam due to a medical or extenuating personal reason, you may submit a Request for Deferred Final Examination form (see above) to the BScN Academic Program Office by email ( ) or in person (HSC 2J34) within 5 business days of the missed exam. The granting of a deferred final examination is not guaranteed. If granted, your exam(s) will be rescheduled to be written during the deferred examination period (please see the Sessional Dates section in the current Undergraduate Calendar). A final exam may only be deferred once; you cannot defer a final exam a second time. If you have chosen to write your final exam you cannot apply for an exam deferral; your grade on the final exam will stand. Please review the Request for Deferred Final Examination form carefully.



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